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Idle Heroes

Heroes wage battles.
Idle Heroes boosts fanbase.

Idle Heroes  ad on the App Store
In Idle Heroes, players assemble to wage battles that bring 
rewards — even when the player is not active. As the game’s top acquisition platform, Apple Search Ads delivered users with higher conversion rates and lifetime value.

The Results

#1 performing user acquisition platform.
60% higher conversion rate than other advertising platforms.
50% higher lifetime value than users from other ad platforms.

The Challenge

To support an in-app purchase business model, the Idle Heroes team needed to drive efficient, quality acquisition. “We are always trying our best to find more valuable players. With our other games, we found that the players who are actively searching on the App Store have higher lifetime value than any other audience. That’s why we invested in Apple Search Ads for Idle Heroes,” says DHGames COO Futao Zhang.

Apple Search Ads drives much higher return on investment than any of our other
advertising platforms.

The Solution

Improve customer acquisition with keyword optimization.

To drive efficiency, the teams at Idle Heroes and their exclusive agency iADBrain set up separate Apple Search Ads campaigns for each of their keyword strategies. One campaign included brand terms, while competitive and category campaigns captured interest from searches for similar apps. To optimize for conversions and maximize impressions, the team actively monitored performance, increasing investment in top-performing keywords and raising bids for relevant keywords.


“Apple Search Ads delivers high-quality acquisition of new users at a low cost. Apple Search Ads also drives much higher return on investment than any of our other advertising platforms,” says iADBrain CEO Feng Luo.

Improve performance with more relevant ad creative.

The team at Idle Heroes utilized Creative Sets1 aligned with top- performing keyword themes to make their ads more relevant for engaged prospects. To attract the right gamers, the team highlighted key product features and the app’s differentiators from other role-playing games in the creative.


“With this testing, we were able to tailor our images and messages to be directly relevant for user searches on the App Store. Creative Sets improved conversion rates by as much as 31 percent and lowered cost-per-acquisition by 20 percent,” says Luo.

Company Snapshot

  • DHGames
  • Games category
  • Founded in 2011
  • Based in Chengdu, China
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