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Travelers connect with locals.
iTranslate finds new markets.

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iTranslate is an award-winning translation and dictionary app that helps people communicate in over 100 languages. Since its launch, the app has reached over 100 million downloads, helping people all over the world with reading, writing, and speaking 
different languages.

The Results

20% of new paid user acquisition annual
growth through Apple Search Ads.
7M+ downloads through Apple Search Ads in three years.
25% greater lifetime value of customers acquired through Apple Search Ads than other paid channels.

The Challenge

iTranslate had great seasonal success in their established markets, but they wanted to turn that into year-round growth. They looked to Apple Search Ads to gain exposure to highly engaged customers around the world.

Over the past three years, we’ve acquired more than seven million downloads through Apple Search Ads.

The Solution

Create consistent year-round growth through seasonal trends.

Knowing that summer travel is a peak download time for their app, the team at iTranslate wanted to make the most of this seasonal trend with Apple Search Ads. “It’s always summer somewhere in the world. Apple Search Ads helped us find seasonal trends we weren’t aware of. For example, we discovered that we weren’t fully capitalizing on January and May, which also happen to be heavy travel months,“ says iTranslate Head of Marketing Ylli Qerkini. After seizing these new seasonal opportunities, Apple Search Ads now drives 20 percent of annual new user acquisition for iTranslate.

Optimize campaigns with creative tests.

iTranslate wanted to reach specific audiences in different regions more effectively. Testing a variety of app screenshots with localized content revealed new insights on image and keyword performance, as well as seasonal and gender-related trends. For example, when English-speaking audiences search for a Spanish translation app, iTranslate would show app screenshots in Spanish, Qerkini explains.


These insights also led to gains in lifetime value. “Paying customers acquired through Apple Search Ads have a 25 percent higher lifetime value relative to those coming from our other paid channels,” says Qerkini.

Gain clarity and performance.

“Over the past three years, we’ve acquired more than seven million downloads through Apple Search Ads,” claims Qerkini. “This number is simply unmatched by other paid channel investments,” he goes on to say. He credits this success to his team for their efforts to gain and adopt insights from Apple Search Ads to increase overall performance. “We’ve uncovered growth drivers that we may not have realized otherwise. By expanding our efforts with Apple Search Ads, we’ve discovered huge new growth opportunities that have enabled us to expand our app into new verticals. This has positively impacted our ability to grow our user base organically as well,” Qerkini adds.


The iTranslate team looks forward to continued success with Apple Search Ads. Says Qerkini, “Apple Search Ads has proven to be a high-quality partner from the beginning and throughout our expansion over the past three years, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them.”

Company Snapshot

  • iTranslate
  • Productivity category
  • Founded in 2009
  • Based in Graz, Austria
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