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Fashion lovers shop at home.
Lamoda drives strong sales.

Lamoda ad on the App Store
Online retailer Lamoda offers shoppers fashionable clothes, footwear, and accessories. The Russian shopping app maximized brand awareness with Apple Search Ads to increase conversions and revenue while decreasing costs.

The Results

44% higher iOS conversion from install to order than other ad platforms.
24% of revenue from paid sources on iOS comes from Apple Search Ads.
10 percentage points better cost-to-revenue ratio compared to other paid sources driving iOS traffic.

The Challenge

To drive app downloads and in-app sales, the Lamoda team needed to engage potential shoppers searching for fashion and lifestyle content on the App Store. Connecting with a broad but relevant audience was crucial for maximizing conversions and return on investment (ROI). The team also wanted to expand reach to new audience segments, building brand awareness across markets during peak seasons.

For Lamoda, Apple Search Ads means installs with a high conversion rate, higher ROI, and in-depth analytics of the most relevant keywords for different audiences.

The Solution

Increase keyword coverage to drive downloads.

With Apple Search Ads campaigns, the Lamoda team scaled brand awareness to the broadest audience possible with campaigns separated by keyword type: brand, category, competitive, and discovery. This strategy helped capture searches for the app’s own brand terms, defend against competitive challenges, and increase app visibility among iOS customers interested in similar apps. Discovery campaigns with Search Match and broad match ad groups helped expand existing keyword sets.


“Discovery campaigns or broad match campaigns help us expand the list of the most relevant keywords for our app in every market without a significant investment of time and effort,” says Lamoda Senior Affiliate and Mobile Acquisition Marketing Manager Zinaida Klenova. “With brand campaigns, we reach high-engagement users by showing them the app according to their needs.” 

Optimize to improve efficiency and maximize performance.

The Lamoda team closely monitored performance at the keyword level to optimize results. They immediately moved newly discovered keywords into exact match ad groups. Bids were adjusted based on what search terms were generating the strongest conversions by engaged shoppers. Impression share reports for branded keywords also helped the team guide bidding as well as gauge incremental organic growth.


“We constantly assess all the factors affecting organic traffic, and Apple Search Ads have a beneficial effect,” says Klenova. “With Apple Search Ads, we can effectively achieve our goals: Protect our brand, attract new customers who are ready to install the application, and conduct testing to improve efficiency in the future.”

Capture seasonal demand by market.

To prepare for peak shopping seasons, the team at Lamoda adopts a localized approach based on customer behavior by market. For example, Apple Search Ads data helped them identify that while shoppers in many markets focused on specific sale days in November, Russian customers were active throughout the month. To leverage spikes in interest, the team adjusts cost-per-tap bids in key markets based on seasonality, and also adds relevant seasonal search terms to campaigns.


The team plans to continue to leverage Apple Search Ads to drive growth across Russia and new markets. Expanding keyword lists and audience segments is a priority. To further improve efficiency, they’re interested in creative optimization, new customer engagement, and redownload campaigns.

Company Snapshot

  • Lamoda
  • Shopping category
  • Founded in 2011
  • Based in Moscow, Russia
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