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MARVEL Future Revolution

Gamers become heroes.
MARVEL Future Revolution
grows revenue.

MARVEL Future Revolution ad on the App Store
With MARVEL Future Revolution, players can transform into superheroes in the Marvel Universe. During the app’s launch, publisher Netmarble maximized global downloads while boosting revenue, retention, and return on ad spend (ROAS).

The Results

2.4x higher revenue per install compared with similar ad platforms.
1.5x higher day seven ROAS compared with similar ad platforms.
1.4x higher retention compared with other similar ad platforms.
40% lower cost-per-install compared with other similar ad platforms.

The Challenge

Leading up to the worldwide release of MARVEL Future Revolution, the team at Netmarble needed to drive awareness and app visibility. They wanted to capture interest on the App Store for role-playing games as well as connect with loyal Marvel fans. In addition to maintaining strong return on ad spend across markets, the team was focused on maximizing downloads within the first week of launch — the most critical timeframe for acquisition with most new games.

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The Solution

Invest early to drive awareness and protect brand terms.

With Apple Search Ads, the Netmarble team promoted pre-order of their app to help drive awareness and discovery before the game’s release. When a customer downloads a pre-order app, it’s automatically installed on their device once the app becomes available. The team focused on a brand campaign to capture loyal fans searching for keywords related to the name of the app and company.


“After having launched several games with Apple Search Ads, we’ve learned to invest during the pre-order period with a focus on protecting brand terms,” says Netmarble Growth Marketer Chanhyuck Im. “We always see great performance with this strategy because it helps ensure we rank highly across games during the week of launch.” Category and competitive campaigns helped further scale impressions to potential players searching for keywords related to similar types of apps and gameplay. Across campaigns, the team at Netmarble set aggressive bids on the best-performing search terms to maximize reach and drive volume.

Increase reach and visibility with ads on the Search tab.

To boost brand awareness and downloads with a broader audience, the Netmarble team also invested in Search tab ads on the App Store, which are featured at the top of the suggested apps list. This helped them expand exposure and influence customers before they narrowed in on a search. Within the first week following launch, they had exceeded revenue per install expectations and set a new performance record with Apple Search Ads.


“Being featured in the prominent position on the App Store was a huge benefit for our brand, keeping us top of mind while boosting incremental new player acquisition and revenue,” says Chanhyuck. “The combination of search results campaigns and Search tab campaigns had a synergistic effect, maximizing efficiency and download volume.”

Company Snapshot

  • Netmarble
  • Games category
  • Launched in 2000
  • Based in Seoul, South Korea
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