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MARVEL SNAP is a rapid-fire card battler where players assemble a dream team of heroes and villains throughout the Marvel multiverse. The app’s publisher Nuverse increased global awareness, new user acquisition, and retention by combining Apple Search Ads campaigns across the Today tab1, Search tab, and search results.

The Results

60% lower cost per install compared with similar
ad platforms.
25% of new iOS user acquisition in first month from Apple Search Ads.
25% higher ROI compared with similar
ad platforms.
15% higher retention compared with similar
ad platforms.

The Challenge

To raise app visibility for the launch of MARVEL SNAP, the Nuverse team wanted to reach a mass global audience outside of mainland China and drive cost-efficient conversions. In the highly competitive gaming category, they also needed to scale awareness quickly to deliver high-quality acquisition at a reasonable cost. Capturing the attention of the right potential players across diverse markets and Marvel brands would be challenging but crucial to ensuring strong return on investment and retention.

With the combination of high conversion rates from search results campaigns and tremendous exposure from the Today tab ad, Apple Search Ads delivered excellent return on investment with high-quality acquisition at a
low cost.

The Solution

Drive awareness and reach with ads on the Today tab and Search tab.

With a Today tab ad, the team at Nuverse placed MARVEL SNAP prominently on the front page of the App Store — making it some of the first content that people see when they begin their App Store visit. They created this placement with ad creative based on custom product pages set up in App Store Connect, and highlighted the latest app updates, seasonal gameplay, and popular Marvel characters.


To further boost awareness and influence a broader audience, they also invested in ads on the Search tab, which are featured at the top of the suggested apps list. “The Today tab ad brought us huge exposure at a low cost, attracting a wider range of gamers,” says Nuverse Head of User Growth Zhaokun Qian. “Ads on the Search tab reached an even larger audience, helping us connect with potential players before they narrowed in on a specific search. The combination of multiple ad placements on the App Store drove high-value acquisition within the first month of launch.”

Invest in brand protection and keyword expansion.

The Nuverse team also created search results campaigns separated by keyword theme to capture strong intent on the App Store. With brand campaigns, they attracted potential players searching for core terms related to the Marvel universe. With Search Match, the team drove keyword expansion automatically, identifying new, relevant search terms and extending reach to even more gamers.


“Search results campaigns are the main way we drive quality acquisition and valuable conversions with Apple Search Ads. The players acquired through these campaigns stay in app longer and make more in-app purchases,” says Qian.

Optimize for performance, seasonality, and creative relevance.

Focused on optimizing for efficiency, the Nuverse team closely monitored search results campaign metrics like impression share, conversion rates, and long-term value. To stay competitive, drive impressions, and maximize control over budget, they increased bidding on high-performing keywords and moved them to exact match while placing lower bids on non-brand and generic keywords in broad match. During key marketing activations and holidays, they also increased overall investment in Apple Search Ads to capture increased demand and boost return on investment.


With custom product pages, the team also tested creative to optimize click-through rate and conversions. “We were able to quickly test the key factors of creatives that work well on other channels as well as the engagement around seasonal updates in the game and new in app events,” says Qian.  “Apple Search Ads helped us understand the core creative elements that audiences prefer, so we can continuously optimize for relevancy, reduce costs, and attract the most engaged players.”

Company Snapshot

  • Nuverse
  • Games category
  • Launched in 2019
  • Based in Hong Kong, China
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