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Norton 360

Customers secure their devices.
Norton 360 drives expansion.

Norton 360 ad on the App Store

Norton 360 offers layers of mobile security to help protect customers against online threats, providing peace of mind when they bank, shop, or browse the web. With Apple Search Ads, the utility app increased global awareness and ad relevancy to drive higher revenue and
lower costs.

The Results

27% higher revenue for ad variations than default ad.
30% higher return on ad spend for ad variations than default ad.
10% lower cost-per-trial for ad variations than default ad.

The Challenge

Despite the company’s well-known brand, Norton, and established category leadership, the team at Gen needed to increase global awareness for the launch of their Norton 360 app. They wanted to boost visibility of the app’s comprehensive mobile security suite with new audiences across dozens of key markets. To capture strong market share and drive high-quality acquisition, the team knew it would be critical to reach potential subscribers actively searching for similar security and device protection solutions on the
App Store.

Apple Search Ads is a bedrock of our marketing, helping scale iOS growth globally by reaching customers at the moment they’re searching for mobile security and
device protection.

The Solution

Scale reach to new markets and gain key insights.

To better manage budgets and optimize bidding for performance, the team at Gen, together with their agency Chong + Koster, set up separate Apple Search Ads campaigns in every market they entered. They also localized their keyword strategy for each country or region, better capturing local language and audience nuances. With discovery campaigns and Search Match, they were able to quickly find new, relevant search terms, automatically expanding keyword coverage.  


Brand campaigns captured audiences actively searching for Norton-related terms and helped the team stay competitive across markets by protecting their brand keywords. “Apple Search Ads not only is a compelling channel that produces substantial volume at favorable costs, it also gives us the invaluable ability to test quickly, monitor performance in real time, and understand search keyword volume in a variety of markets,” says Gen Mobile Marketing Manager Matthew Moore.

Drive performance through keyword and bidding optimization.

The Gen and Chong + Koster teams monitored performance closely, at both the campaign and keyword level. To optimize for efficiency, they looked beyond just installs and tap-through rates to valuable in-app events like trials and subscriptions. “It has been a game changer to be able to understand performance down to the keyword level. We can now take these performance insights from Apple Search Ads and increase budgets and bids on the campaigns and search terms that are working as well as remove what’s not driving valuable results,” says Moore.

Engage the right customers by boosting ad relevancy.

To better highlight key Norton 360 app features and engage potential subscribers, the Chong + Koster team created ad variations based on custom product pages set up in App Store Connect. These custom ads aligned creative with top-performing keyword ad groups, making their Apple Search Ads more relevant to different user interests. For example, they highlighted images aligned to the “antivirus” theme by showcasing tools for individuals to protect their devices from viruses — one of the app’s most popular features.


When potential customers tapped on the ad, they landed on a custom product page that matched the ad creative — creating a seamless experience. “With ad variations, we were able to improve performance on every possible metric, from cost-per-install to cost-per-trial to return on ad spend and revenue,” says Gen Lead Online Business Marketing Manager Ryan McInerney. “This is a big win and represents the largest volume of nonbrand campaign traffic we’ve captured globally for this app.” The team plans to continue testing ad variations across markets and languages, better capturing the attention of different audience groups with highly relevant creative.

Company Snapshot

  • Gen
  • Norton 360 app
  • Utilities category
  • Launched in 2021
  • Based in Tempe, AZ and Prague, Czech Republic
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