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Onoff on the App Store

With the Onoff app, customers can have two phone lines on the same mobile device — without the need for an additional SIM card. The app maximized acquisition efficiency and ROI with Apple Search Ads by optimizing keyword relevancy and bidding strategy. 

The Results

#1 new user acquisition channel.
200% return on
investment with
Apple Search Ads.
3x improvement in conversion rate over six months with keyword and bidding optimization.

The Challenge

To increase discovery on the App Store, the Onoff team needed to capture the attention of a broad range of potential customers interested in a second phone line for both personal and professional use. Capitalizing on this strong intent from people searching for a telecom solution would be key to driving acquisition and install growth. With an eye toward global expansion, the team also wanted to be able to understand how to scale reach and optimize for performance.

Apple Search Ads delivers the best ROI of any marketing channel and is crucial to increasing visibility on the App Store, because that’s where our most motivated customers are searching.

The Solution

Reach more customers with new keywords.

The Onoff team created discovery campaigns with Apple Search Ads to reach a wider audience while mining for popular search terms. They were able to identify new, relevant keywords quickly with Search Match and optimize for performance more efficiently. From these keyword campaigns, the team gleaned invaluable business insights about customers’ needs as well as their pain points when using other apps that required a second phone number. The top-performing keyword drove a 400 percent return on investment (ROI).  


“Apple Search Ads is our top channel for acquisition, delivering 200 percent ROI,” says Onoff Head of Global Marketing Justin de BAERE. “Discovery campaigns gave us powerful insights into keywords with strong search volume and captured the attention of people who were more likely to convert.”

Scale growth by optimizing for performance.

To maximize efficiency, the Onoff team closely tracked post-install metrics with their mobile measurement partner Branch. Impression Share reports and bid recommendations also informed how they scaled their Apple Search Ads strategy based on performance. The team actively removed less efficient keywords and shifted budget to increase bids on the search terms driving the most conversions. “When a keyword works well, we don’t hesitate to boost investment in it to ensure the best performance. Our objective is to drive the strongest share of voice for our best-performing search terms,” says



The team at Onoff plans to continue running discovery campaigns in new markets to gain keyword insights and ensure high impression share. They plan to test Creative Sets1 to improve the relevancy of their ads for key audiences with different motivations for wanting a second phone line. To increase brand awareness across new markets, the Onoff team is also considering integrating Apple Search Ads with offline channels like out-of-home advertising. 

Company Snapshot

  • Onoff Telecom
  • Utilities category
  • Founded in 2014
  • Based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France
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