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OTTO increases conversions.

OTTO ad on the App Store

Shoppers on OTTO can find the products and services they need
at the moment they’re ready to buy. With Apple Search Ads, the shopping app boosted new installs and conversions by improving
ad relevancy
and engagement.

The Results

2x higher conversion rate than similar platforms.
7x more installs with ad variations than default ad.
9% lower cost-per-install with ad variations.
10 percentage points higher share of new customers than other marketing platforms.

The Challenge

Focused on growing their customer base as well as improving return on ad spend, the team at OTTO wanted to drive quality acquisition while increasing retention. For an app that features a broad assortment of shopping categories, that meant reaching a diverse range of shoppers interested in everything from fashion to furniture. The team needed to capture the strong purchase intent on the App Store for widely disparate products and services while maintaining a competitive advantage based on their strong brand awareness.

With ad variations, we increased clicks and conversions by better matching our Apple Search Ads creatives and messaging to what different customer groups were searching for on the
App Store.

The Solution

Maximize reach by optimizing campaign structure.

With Apple Search Ads, the OTTO team separated campaigns by keyword theme: brand, category, competitive, and discovery. The brand keyword campaign reached shoppers actively searching for their company name and brand terms on the App Store. “Our brand campaign delivers outstanding return on ad spend, capturing valuable customers showing strong intent for our brand,” says OTTO App Growth Professional Expert Marian Bucher. “In an increasingly competitive category, brand protection is as critical as reaching new customers — and Apple Search Ads is an integral part of our iOS promotion strategy because it helps our brand accomplish both.” 


With a discovery campaign, the team reached a wider audience while also mining for popular search terms to add as keywords. Search Match automatically matched their ad to relevant search terms, saving them time and effort. To optimize for performance and efficiency, the team also adjusted bids at the keyword and ad group level based on return on ad spend and cost-per-order. 

Boost ad relevance for different audiences with
ad variations.

To better connect with a range of potential customers, the OTTO team updated their custom product pages in App Store Connect, adding different app previews, screenshots, and promotional text beyond their default product page. With Apple Search Ads, they then created ad variations based on these custom product pages and focused on three key ad groups related to furniture, fashion, and electronics. To improve ad relevancy, the team used creatives that highlighted specific app content (product images like a chair and a coffee table for the furniture theme) clearly related to what customers in these three verticals were searching for on the App Store.


“We’re quite excited about this creative strategy because we can create more granular messages for different audiences and test a variety of ad creative quickly,” says Bucher. “With ad variations, we created a better fit between what someone is searching for on the App Store and what they are seeing in our ads.” The install rate for ad variations based on custom product pages was 12 percent higher than the default ad, resulting in 7x more installs on average.

Company Snapshot

  • OTTO
  • Shopping category
  • Launched in 1949
  • Based in Hamburg, Germany
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