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Hikers explore the outdoors.
PeakVisor expands growth.

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PeakVisor helps hikers and skiers safely navigate in the mountains with cutting-edge 3D maps. With Apple Search Ads, the travel app drove success in new markets and increased customer acquisitions, conversions, and cost efficiency. 

The Results

#1 performing ad platform for acquisition and revenue in every market.
2x better cost efficiency than any other platform.
37% higher conversion rate than organic subscribers.

The Challenge

PeakVisor needed to raise app visibility to drive customer acquisition in a crowded, mature category. The team initially tried content marketing, social media ads, and influencer events but couldn’t drive scale. One key challenge: Hikers stick with familiar apps over unproven ones that could affect their safety in the wilderness. Reaching their niche audience was also an obstacle for PeakVisor, as outdoor enthusiasts by definition prefer to spend time in nature, not sitting in front of devices.

Apple Search Ads is the best marketing decision we made. It immediately became our core channel for customer acquisition and growth, driving the best efficiency and revenue.

The Solution

Discover new market insights and localize keyword strategy.

Focused on expansion beyond Europe, the PeakVisor team launched Apple Search Ads in untapped markets like the U.S. and Canada, as well as Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. They invested in keywords related to the category as well as geographic terms (popular mountain ranges, resorts, and towns). Using Search Match as a tool for keyword discovery, PeakVisor found that as many as 90 percent of the most effective search terms can be specific to a particular market.


“Apple Search Ads plays a crucial role as a tool for market research. It helps us effectively understand new markets and create localized strategies,” says Denis Bulichenko, founder of Routes Software, the Italian company behind PeakVisor. 

Optimize for seasonality with more ad variations.

Seasonality is critical to PeakVisor’s business. Peak hiking season lasts from May to October. Then, between December and April, people tend to trade their hiking boots for skis and snowboards. PeakVisor’s marketing tactics need to adjust for each season, but communicating that the app serves its customers year-round remains vital.


Using ad variations, they optimized ad relevancy by season and by country. For example, the PeakVisor team knows customers in the U.S. fear losing cellular coverage. They created ad variations using screenshots and app previews from their App Store product page that emphasized different product features for Americans. Their ad creative that showcased upfront that the app can also work offline performed best for U.S. audiences.

Focus on continued growth with API insights.

When PeakVisor launched, it was available for purchase. Over time, the team decided the app needed to transition to a subscription business model to continue developing state-of-the-art functionality and deliver a superior user experience. In the months following this shift, Apple Search Ads performance continued strong: PeakVisor acquired 61 percent more new customers through Apple Search Ads than the previous year.


“The new subscription model requires longer measurement intervals and tighter integration with our backend systems. The Apple Search Ads Attribution API allows us to focus on features that drive not only installs but highly engaged paying customers,” says Bulichenko.

Company Snapshot

  • PeakVisor
  • Travel category
  • Founded in 2016
  • Based in Italy
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