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With the Peloton Digital app, subscribers can access a diverse range of live and on-demand workouts. Apple Search Ads helped relaunch the fitness app, driving more downloads and better acquisition efficiency than any other ad platform.

The Results

#1 performing ad platform for subscriber acquisition.
2.5x increase in downloads while hitting KPI efficiency goals.
40% lower cost-per-acquisition than other ad platforms.
3x more likely to subscribe than new users from other platforms.

The Challenge

Primarily known for its innovative exercise equipment, Peloton also started producing fitness content — recording live running, strength, yoga, and boot-camp classes daily. With the app’s content expanding, the team needed to reposition the brand from a niche indoor cycling app to a full fitness offering.

“Our goal for the relaunch was to drive consideration and ultimately convert more people from free trial to subscription,” says Peloton Digital Director of Growth Marketing Brooke Tarabochia.

Apple Search Ads was the most efficient, scalable paid channel for our relaunch. We captured a broader audience with higher intent while maintaining efficiency.

The Solution

Expand keyword coverage to reflect broader app content.

To increase app discovery with Apple Search Ads, the Peloton Digital team expanded its keyword sets using Search Match and broad match. Discovery campaigns surfaced newly relevant keywords across fitness verticals like running and yoga. Brand campaigns helped educate prospects about the app’s broader scope. Competitive campaigns improved visibility with prospects searching for similar apps.

“With Apple Search Ads, we quickly reached people showing intent across all of our new content categories. Apple Search Ads was by far the most efficient and scalable paid channel for our relaunch. We saw a strong return on ad spend and efficient cost per new subscriber in real time,” shares Tarabochia.

Complement organic growth and drive consideration.

While running Apple Search Ads, the Peloton Digital team saw the app’s rankings on the App Store rise quickly for new keywords across more fitness and health categories. The app also gained incremental organic downloads, augmenting growth in new categories with Apple Search Ads. 


“Apple Search Ads is a great complement to organic, allowing us to build our brand authority in new verticals and get our new message across to engaged users who are likely to subscribe,” believes Tarabochia.


Apple Search Ads also helped attract users in the consideration mindset. In fact, new users acquired through Apple Search Ads are also three times more likely to subscribe than new users from other platforms.

Gain consumer and competitive insights.

The team at Peloton Digital also gleaned insights from Apple Search Ads. Post-relaunch, the marketing team closely monitored Apple Search Ads to discover the newly relevant search terms the app was resonating for as well as emerging competitors. For example, when yoga-related search terms drove a strong volume of new subscribers, Tarabochia shared this insight with the Peloton Digital product team to inform content development around that vertical.


“This strategic ability to gain insights with broad match and Search Match is invaluable,” says Tarabochia. “Apple Search Ads has helped inform product strategy as well as the creative direction of new marketing materials and how we target on other channels.”

Company Snapshot

  • Peloton
  • Health & Fitness category
  • Founded in 2012
  • Based in New York, New York, U.S.
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