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People learn to meditate.
Petit BamBou grows in new markets.

Petit BamBou ad on the App Store
With Petit BamBou, anyone can practice guided meditation and learn to make mindfulness a habit. The health and fitness app boosted customer growth in new markets with Apple Search Ads while optimizing creative to improve conversions and costs.

The Results

20% new iOS customer acquisition driven by Apple Search Ads monthly.
20% higher conversion rate for ad variations than default ad.
25% lower cost-per-acquisition for ad variations than default ad.

The Challenge

Facing strong competition globally, the Petit BamBou team needed to raise brand awareness in new markets while protecting their leadership position in established countries and regions. They also wanted to extend reach to a broader range of audiences showing interest in wellness who might not be aware of the benefits of mindfulness practices on mental and physical health. Optimizing for efficiency would also be key to driving quality acquisition growth as well as retention.

With ad variations, Apple Search Ads connects the right audiences with the right message at the right time, delivering amazing results and insights into
customer needs.

The Solution

Expand keyword coverage and growth to new markets.

To better manage budget allocation across markets and maintain a competitive advantage, the Petit BamBou team, in partnership with their agency Admiral Media, separated Apple Search Ads campaigns by keyword theme: brand, category, competitive, and discovery. With brand campaigns, they captured prospective customers actively searching for their brand terms on the App Store. To maximize keyword coverage with audiences interested in similar apps, the team divided category campaigns into different ad groups, capturing relevant customer needs that closely aligned with their app’s key feature categorizations (like meditation, breathing, and sleeping).


The Admiral Media team replicated this structure in every market they entered. Discovery campaigns with Search Match helped find new, relevant search terms specific to a market (such as a popular breathing technique in Germany) or specific to a language that could also be tested in several markets (such as French keywords in France, Belgium, and Canada). “Apple Search Ads is the easiest way to gain keyword insights quickly to understand the needs and competitive landscape of a new market,” says Petit BamBou Co-founder Benjamin Blasco. “With Apple Search Ads, we can increase our market share in the countries where we’re already well known, as well as lay the first bricks of our presence in new markets."

Improve relevancy for key audiences with ad variations.

To better connect with different audiences, the team at Petit BamBou made ad variations based on custom product pages set up in App Store Connect. These custom ads allowed them to align creative with specific keyword themes related to product features around guided meditation, breathing techniques, or improving sleep. “With ad variations, we were able to drive amazing results because we could better match our Apple Search Ads creative to user expectations and give new customers a more relevant, customized App Store experience,” says Admiral Media Performance Marketing Manager Yanina Velikova.  


When potential customers tapped the Petit BamBou ad, they landed on a custom product page that matched the ad creative — creating a seamless experience. One creative that performed particularly well featured the faces of the developers and mental health experts behind the app. “Authenticity is critical in advertising and business today. Ad variations also showed us the positive impact on performance when we humanize our brand for customers looking for real help with their lives and mental health,” says Blasco. With Apple Search Ads, the team also gained valuable business insights for product development based on the app categories that drove the best return on ad spend.

Stay top of mind with former customers on the Search tab.

To expand exposure with an even broader audience, the Petit BamBou team leveraged Search tab ads, which are featured at the top of the suggested apps list on the App Store. They focused this campaign in one of their most mature markets where brand awareness was high and refined their audience to returning customers. With ads on the Search tab, the team was able to keep their app top of mind with people who had previously downloaded their app.


“Search tab ads are an ideal way to remind former customers about our app right at the moment they are ready to download but had not narrowed in on a search yet,” says Velikova.

Company Snapshot

  • FeelVeryBien
  • Health and Fitness category
  • Launched in 2015
  • Based in Tourcoing, Hauts-de-France, France
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