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Rosetta Stone ad on the App Store
A leader in e-learning innovation, Rosetta Stone is constantly adding new instructional material to its digital programs to make learning on the go easy. With Apple Search Ads, the language learning brand found engaged users ready to learn via mobile, and achieved a
90 percent conversion lift. 

The Results

60% conversion rate from tap to download.
20% increase in new acquisitions.
90% conversion rate lift for install to purchase.

The Challenge

With more than 30 language learning apps on the market, the team at Rosetta Stone was facing the challenge of being discovered by customers in a crowded and growing category. They needed to partner with Apple Search Ads to maintain a spot at the top of App Store search.

Getting displayed at the top of App Store search results to someone who is already interested in learning a language
is crucial.

The Solution

Create keyword-rich campaigns with Search Match.

A combination of their  strong brand identity and a keyword-rich Apple Search Ads campaign helped generate new leads and attract new subscriptions. As part of their comprehensive keyword and bidding strategy, the team at Rosetta Stone used Search Match to discover new keywords for campaigns and to support App Store Optimization (ASO) efforts for organic rankings. 


“Getting displayed at the top of App Store search results to someone who is already interested in learning a language is crucial,” says Rosetta Stone Mobile Marketing Manager Matt Hrushka. “Rosetta Stone is already a very identifiable brand, but the increased visibility with Apple Search Ads is helping to drive conversions with long-term value.”

Use thousands of keywords in multiple campaigns.

The team continued to identify competitive keywords and implemented thousands of them across multiple campaigns. “Mostly, we’ve been focusing on the value of select keywords to make sure we’re getting enough coverage, whether a potential customer is searching for Rosetta Stone or a generic term, such as German,” Hrushka says. “Apple Search Ads gives us unprecedented insight into high-value, relevant keywords.” 


As a result of their strategy, Apple Search Ads now accounts for roughly 20 percent of Rosetta Stone’s newuser acquisitions. “From download to purchase, we’re seeing an almost 90 percent conversion rate lift for users coming through Apple Search Ads,” says Hrushka.

Company Snapshot

  • Rosetta Stone
  • Education category
  • Founded in 1992
  • Based in Arlington, VA, U.S.
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