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Shopee on the App Store

As a leading e-commerce platform, Shopee makes buying and selling easy, secure, and engaging for both sellers and buyers. With Apple Search Ads, the shopping app drove high-quality acquisition, increasing buyer conversion by 6 percent compared
to similar platforms. 

The Results

21% lower cost-per-acquisition compared to similar platforms.
6% higher buyer conversion rate compared to similar platforms.
5% increase in iOS new user registration.

The Challenge

To stay competitive in a crowded category, the team at Shopee needed to improve reach and drive new user acquisition that was cost-effective. Capturing strong intent from engaged shoppers searching on the App Store would be critical to increasing market share. They also wanted to capitalize on increased demand during peak shopping seasons and festivals across Southeast Asia, such as 9.9, 11.11, Lunar New Year, and Ramadan.

Apple Search Ads is one of our best performing new user acquisition channels
for iOS.

The Solution

Maximize audience reach with keyword optimization.

By separating Apple Search Ads campaigns by keyword theme, the Shopee team drove visibility with the widest iOS audience possible. A brand campaign captured particularly strong intent from customers searching for Shopee’s own brand terms. The team then moved high-performing keywords to exact match, giving them the most control over budget and impressions. 


“With our keyword optimization and competitive bidding strategy, we saw higher revenue from Apple Search Ads than any other ad platform,” says Shopee Head of Brand & Growth Marketing Peggy Zhu. “We also improved efficiency with a 21 percent lower cost-per-install than other channels.”

Adjust bidding to capitalize on seasonal demand.

During the shopping category’s peak season, the team at Shopee leveraged broad match and discovery campaigns to find new keyword opportunities not covered by exact match. To capture maximum shopper intent and stay competitive, they increased bids and budgets for non-brand and seasonal search terms. With insights from Apple Search Ads, the Shopee team was able to better engage local audiences during key shopping moments across the region including Tet in Vietnam, Chinese New Year in Singapore, Harbolnas in Indonesia, as well as Ramadan in Indonesia and Malaysia. 


“We will continue to increase our investment with Apple Search Ads and will consider running cross-media marketing campaigns to improve how we capture brand intent on the App Store,” says Zhu.

Company Snapshot

  • Shopee
  • Shopping category
  • Launched in 2014
  • Based in Singapore
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