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The Chefz

People get food and gifts delivered.
The Chefz boosts ROAS.

The Chefz ad on the App Store

With The Chefz, customers can order food or gifts for delivery and make reservations at thousands of restaurants in Saudi Arabia. A multiplacement strategy across Apple Search Ads that focused on keyword and creative optimization helped the app capture the attention of more customers — maximizing conversions
and efficiency.

The Results

179% increase in return on ad spend with multiplacement strategy.
40% higher tap-through rate for ad variations than default ad.
34% higher conversion rate for ad variations than
default ad.
37% lower cost-per-acquisition for ad variations than
default ad.

The Challenge

To drive high-quality acquisition and maximize iOS market share, The Chefz team needed to engage new customers on the App Store with relevant messages and promotions. They wanted to connect with the right people at the right moments by capturing intent across a wide range of customer needs — including meal and gift delivery, as well as reservations and catering with over 12,000 potential restaurant partners. Staying competitive in an increasingly crowded category was also a critical priority.

Combining optimized search results campaigns with ads across Search tab, Today tab1, and product pages extended reach and brand awareness to new audiences, driving direct response and positive return on ad spend with iOS customers who have higher lifetime value.

The Solution

Capture intent with keyword optimization.

To increase visibility with diverse audiences actively searching on the App Store, The Chefz team collaborated with their mobile growth consultancy and agency Phiture to separate search results campaigns by keyword theme. They prioritized investment in brand search terms related not only to their brand but also to key restaurants in the region and similar food delivery apps. Discovery campaigns with Search Match also helped them continually uncover new relevant keywords.


The team monitored performance closely to optimize for conversions, adjusting bids on high-performing keywords and unlocking incremental scale. “With Apple Search Ads, we can optimize for downloads, conversions, and revenue easily and quickly,” says Phiture Lead Growth Consultant Salah Khamis. “Keyword campaign performance insights inform our bidding and overall strategy because we can analyze key metrics like cost-per-install and post-install actions down to the keyword level.”

Optimize creative to boost ad relevancy with
different audiences.

To better connect different messages with different audiences, The Chefz team created custom product pages in App Store Connect, adding new app previews, screenshots, and promotional text beyond their default product page. They aligned ad variations based on these custom product pages with high-volume keyword ad groups, increasing relevancy for people interested in a particular restaurant, competitor, or vertical like flowers. They tested creative highlighting brand- or vertical-specific messaging and images paired with a strong call to action or promotional offer.


“Optimizing custom product pages was an invaluable way to better understand our customers. We also saw a 37 percent lower cost-per-acquisition as well as uplift in two key metrics: 40 percent higher tap-through rate and 34 percent higher conversion rate,” says Madkhali. Focused on improving campaign performance, the team turned to Apple Search Ads Certification to take their optimization skills and campaign expertise to the next level. They plan to incorporate best practices from this online training to improve redownload growth and test custom product pages to engage returning customers with more personally relevant creative.

Increase impact with multiple placements.

After optimizing search results campaigns and creative, The Chefz team expanded reach further with multiple placements across the App Store. Featured at the top of the suggested apps list, Search tab ads helped capture attention and influence intent before people narrowed in on a search. With ads at the bottom of relevant product pages, they reached people actively researching apps and captured strong intent.


A Today tab ad positioned The Chefz brand prominently on the front page of the App Store — making it some of the first content that people see when they begin their visit. This increased awareness with a broad audience of potential customers. “Multiple placements on the App Store extended reach and awareness beyond search results campaigns, delivering positive return on ad spend. In fact, we increased overall Apple Search Ads investment by 524 percent over three months and saw ROAS increase by 179 percent. Typically you increase investment and see a decrease in efficiency, but with a multiple placement Apple Search Ads strategy, we scaled both metrics,” says Madkhali.

Company Snapshot

  • The Chefz
  • Food and Drink category
  • Launched in 2016
  • Based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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