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Travelers find the best deals. boosts new user growth. ad on the App Store

Travelers can book with confidence on and easily find discounts for accommodations, transportation, special events, and more. With Apple Search Ads, drove quality acquisition and optimized ad relevancy to increase conversions
and efficiency.

The Results

6.5X new user growth year over year.
8% lower cost-per-install year over year.
4.5X return on ad spend after campaign optimization.
36% higher conversion rate with ad variations than default ads.

The Challenge

To expand market share across Indonesia, the team at wanted to drive quality acquisition with a diverse cross-section of audiences. They needed to capture demand on the App Store from potential customers interested in everything from booking travel to finding discounted event tickets. Increasing awareness of their broad range of product offerings was critical to improving key metrics like conversion rate and return on ad spend.

Apple Search Ads is one of our core acquisition channels, driving high-quality installs while improving return on
ad spend.

The Solution

Expand reach to new customers and optimize for performance.

To more easily monitor performance and optimize for results, the team separated Apple Search Ads campaigns by keyword themes. A discovery campaign with Search Match helped them uncover new, relevant search terms, saving time and effort by automatically expanding their keyword coverage. “With Apple Search Ads, we can find search terms beyond our existing keyword lists, including misspellings and variations of travel-themed keywords,” says Vice President of Performance Marketing Dyah Wulandari. “Search Match helped us maximize impressions, reaching new audiences quickly and with very little effort.” 


The team actively monitored campaign results at the keyword level using keywords from their Recommendations page. To stay competitive, they adjusted bids weekly based on impression share and trending keywords. Increasing investment on high-performing search terms in exact match helped them gain additional reach and boost efficiency. 

Engage different audiences with more relevant ads.

To better engage different customer groups, the team at created ad variations based on custom product pages set up in App Store Connect. These custom ads were more relevant to specific customer needs because the creative was aligned with specific keyword themes related to different products (flight, hotel, train, things to do). Ads highlighted plane imagery to people searching to book airline travel, while the hotel booking ad variations featured relevant hotel imagery for those interested in lodging deals.


When potential audiences tapped on the ad, they landed on a custom product page that matched the ad creative — creating a seamless customer experience. “With ad variations, we can speak directly to what different customers want and show them relevant products for their specific needs,” says Wulandari. This creative strategy proved effective: The conversion rate of ad variations was 36 percent higher than default ads.

Company Snapshot

  • Travel category
  • Launched in 2014
  • Based in Indonesia
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