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Traveloka on the App Store
Across Southeast Asia, Traveloka helps customers find lifestyle aspirations and deals, from travel offerings to local deals and financial services. With Apple Search Ads, the app expanded acquisition into new markets while increasing revenue and retention. 

The Results

2x increase in customer acquisition within one quarter.
2.5x more purchases per install compared to similar paid channels.
5% higher retention rate and in-app engagement rate compared to similar paid channels.

The Challenge

The team at Traveloka wanted to increase visibility on the App Store for both lifestyle and travel searches with a wide range of potential audiences — from travelers in the planning stage to locals looking for deals in their day-to-day lives. Focused on expansion beyond Indonesia, the team also needed to increase brand awareness across key markets in Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore, to drive cost-efficient acquisition. Reintroducing former customers to the app’s ever-evolving features and capabilities was also critical to increase revenue.

Apple Search Ads is one of our core acquisition channels, delivering short-term growth by driving new installs and long-term growth by increasing both awareness
and retention.

The Solution

Increase brand awareness and discovery in new markets.

With Apple Search Ads, the Traveloka team maximized impressions across diverse audiences by optimizing their keyword strategies based on performance. Discovery campaigns with Search Match helped uncover new and relevant search terms, especially in new countries or regions. To further scale reach and drive awareness, campaigns were aligned by themes focused on brand, competitive, and category keywords like similar travel and popular lifestyle apps.


To reach the most relevant customers, the Traveloka team increased bids on high-performing terms. They also moved these keywords to exact match, giving them the most control over budget and impressions. “Apple Search Ads helped us reach highly engaged customers with strong intent,” says Traveloka Performance Marketing Manager Tantia Tjahjono. “Apple Search Ads is also one of our main channels for new market expansion and increasing brand awareness on the App Store.”

Maximize performance with insights.

With the guidance of Apple Search Ads recommendations and custom reports, the team at Traveloka monitored campaign performance at the keyword level. They determined keyword search volume and adjusted bids based on performance. “It is quite convenient to regularly monitor performance with Apple Search Ads and scale up for keywords with strong search volume,” shares Tjahjono. “We drove strong click-through rates and conversions by increasing keyword coverage for search terms that are most relevant to our business.”

Reengage lapsed customers.

With the Traveloka app expanding beyond travel into new lifestyle subcategories like attractions, beauty and spa, and food, the team wanted to reintroduce the app to as many former customers as possible. They included returning users in their Apple Search Ads campaigns and reached people who had previously downloaded the app. “To align with our commitment to continuously grow our products and services to fulfill users’ lifestyle needs, it’s crucial for us to reengage our former users with our latest offering,” explains Tjahjono. "With Apple Search Ads redownload campaigns, we can reengage lapsed users and drive in-app reactivation, helping us increase overall growth as well as revenue.” 

Company Snapshot

  • Traveloka
  • Lifestyle category
  • Launched in 2012
  • Based in Greater Jakarta, Indonesia
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