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Varo Bank offers digital banking services that enable customers to manage their money when and where they want without monthly fees. The banking app increased sign-up conversions with Apple Search Ads while reducing costs and gaining
customer insights.

The Results

25% increase in sign-up conversions.
14% decrease in cost-per-acquisition.
40% increase in reach by removing audience refinements.

The Challenge

With aggressive goals for customer growth across the U.S., the team at Varo Bank needed to improve app discovery by tech-savvy customers interested in managing their finances digitally. They also wanted to capitalize on high-intent searches on the App Store for alternatives to traditional banks.

Apple Search Ads helped Varo Bank acquire highly engaged, tech-savvy customers that we weren’t able to reach on other channels.

The Solution

Structure your account for success.

To drive acquisition efficiency with Apple Search Ads, the Varo Bank team set up their account structure with discovery, brand, competitive, and category keyword campaigns. Search Match and broad match helped surface new relevant keywords. They moved high-performing keywords from discovery into other campaigns as exact match. Competitive and category campaigns helped scale visibility to wider audiences interested in banking apps.


The Varo Bank team closely tracked performance at both the campaign and keyword levels. They removed less efficient search terms and adjusted bids to drive more impressions and reduce reliance on just a few keywords. When the team noticed keyword bids start to fluctuate, they optimized their bidding to stay competitive.

Drive performance by optimizing ad relevance.

To maximize ad relevancy, the team at Varo Bank used ad variations to align top-performing keywords with different app previews or videos from its App Store product page. They created ad variations that highlighted popular app benefits like no overdraft fees or getting paid up to two days early when customers set up direct deposit.

“Apple Search Ads helped us learn more about what resonates with different customers,” says Varo Director of User Acquisition Tamar Kassoff. “By targeting different segments with relevant messaging and creative, we were able to increase conversions while achieving one of the lowest cost-per-acquisition rates of any ad platform.”

Improve efficiency by including all users.

The team at Varo Bank wanted to reach the broadest base of potential customers with Apple Search Ads. They removed all audience refinements from their campaigns, helping them serve their ads to relevant searches by a wider audience of prospects. This strategy helped increase reach with Apple Search Ads by 40 percent.

Company Snapshot

  • Varo Bank
  • Finance category
  • Launched in 2016
  • Based in San Francisco, CA, U.S.
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