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Shoppers pay in new ways.
Very captures seasonal demand.

Very on the App Store

With Very, customers can shop thousands of brands as they easily manage credit limits and finances. The shopping app optimized keyword and ad relevance during key seasons with Apple Search Ads, increasing downloads, revenue, and retention
while lowering costs. 

The Results

#1 platform for most efficient cost-per-install.
47% increase in tap-through rate with optimized creative.
48% increase in download
rate with seasonal optimization.
61% decrease in acquisition costs with seasonal optimization.

The Challenge

The team at The Very Group wanted to scale acquisition and reach shoppers who are interested in products that range from home and tech to fashion and beauty. To improve cost efficiency and drive conversions, the team needed to improve app discovery at the moment these motivated shoppers were ready to make a purchase. Staying competitive and retaining customers during the busiest shopping seasons were also important in an increasingly crowded category.

As a data-driven business, we’re increasing our investment in Apple Search Ads after seeing fantastic growth and efficiency, particularly with simple
creative changes.

The Solution

Capitalize on seasonal interest with relevant creative.

Leading into the critical end-of-year shopping season, the team at Very maximized ad relevancy by testing creative that aligned with Black Friday and winter holiday ads. They refreshed screenshots and the app icon to reflect the festive season.


“The more seasonal and relevant we made our creative and keywords, the lower the cost-per-install rates and higher our tap-through rate for Apple Search Ads,” says Puna Hanson-Singh from Very’s App Marketing team. 


The Very team also benefited from the ad creative rule that enables Apple Search Ads advertisers to show more images and App Store previews when their app is the first organic result and is featured as an ad. With landscape-oriented assets, the team at Very showcased their app on iPhone screens in new ways, helping capture seasonal intent and build deeper customer engagement across key touchpoints. “Apple Search Ads helped us create a distinctive, cohesive journey for our customers that tied to our TV, digital, and outdoor ads,” says Hanson-Singh.  


Structure your account to maximize keyword relevance.

To reach the broadest audience of shoppers possible, the Very team set up discovery, brand, competitive, and category keyword campaigns with Apple Search Ads. Search Match helped surface new, relevant search terms reflecting a variety of shopping interests. By monitoring performance at the keyword level, the team increased bids and daily caps on the best-performing search terms to increase both impressions and conversions — especially during peak seasons.1


“Bidding on keywords strategic to the business has given us a competitive advantage in key markets,” says Hanson-Singh. “With Apple Search Ads, we have a sense of control. We can increase budget and daily bid caps easily to unlock scale, creating a unique experience for customers at the point of purchase.” 

Use insights to drive incremental growth.

Keyword and creative insights from Apple Search Ads also helped the team at Very evaluate organic performance and optimize Very’s App Store product page. This positively impacted the app’s organic App Store presence while Apple Search Ads helped drive incremental download growth. “Apple Search Ads works together with organic. They’re intrinsically linked, and optimization of one always complements the other,” says Hanson-Singh.

Company Snapshot

  • Very, The Very Group, UK
  • Shopping category
  • Launched in 2016
  • Based in Liverpool, UK
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