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VIP Baloot is a leading card game that brings together top players from around the world. To maintain its popularity in the Middle East, publisher Tamatem invested in Apple Search Ads early, focusing on new and lapsed users to improve ROI by 190 percent.

The Results

190% increase in ROI with Apple Search Ads compared with similar channels.
773% increase in redownloads in six months.
68% increase in conversion rate compared with similar channels.
745% increase in click-through rate compared with similar channels.

The Challenge

To improve high-quality acquisition in Arab markets, the Tamatem team needed to increase app discovery on the App Store for strategic gamers looking for a fun multiplayer game. They knew that successfully reengaging former players by featuring social features like chat was key to unlocking redownloads and positive return on investment.

There is no better place to advertise our games
than the App Store. With Apple Search Ads, we can
drive high-quality acquisition as well as improve
conversions and ROI.

The Solution

Invest in regional markets to stay ahead of the competition.

When Apple Search Ads became available in the Middle East, VIP Baloot was one of the first game apps to launch campaigns, gaining a valuable competitive advantage in the region. The team at VIP Baloot was able to boost app visibility quickly and gain market-specific insights, especially in Saudi Arabia as well as with Saudi players living abroad. Apple Search Ads also provided initial keyword insights that the team used to optimize the App Store product page of VIP Baloot and other apps published by Tamatem, driving incremental organic growth across their brands.

Drive performance with keyword and bidding optimization.

To find new, high-performing search terms, the VIP Baloot team started with discovery campaigns. Search Match insights helped them add the most effective keywords as exact match and increase ROI. With competitor campaigns, they were able to capture intent from potential players searching for similar apps.


The team actively monitored campaign performance and adjusted bidding to maximize impressions and capitalize on seasonality around key holidays. “With personalized recommendations in our account, we were able to apply optimizations to keywords, bids, and daily caps with a click.1 We gained significant efficiency without any of the heavy lifting,” says Tamatem Marketing Manager Lamia Shreim.


Keep your app top of mind with returning users. 

Players who had previously downloaded VIP Baloot presented a key acquisition opportunity. By including returning users in their campaigns, the team at VIP Baloot was able to reengage them at the moment they expressed interest in similar card games on the App Store. This strategy helped increase redownloads by 773 percent in just six months, attracting an audience that mirrored the quality of organic downloads.


“Tamatem continues to grow investment in Apple Search Ads because we have to be present whenever our customers are searching on the App Store,” says Shreim. “We continue to see incredible customer growth, and redownloads have become the most important part of our acquisition strategy.”

Company Snapshot

  • Tamatem
  • Games category
  • Launched in 2013
  • Based in Amman, Jordan
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