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The Wayfair app makes it easier for home décor enthusiasts to get inspired, browse over 18 million products, and make purchases on the go. With Apple Search Ads, the furniture and décor retailer attracted more highly engaged customers, growing
installs year over year.

The Results

400% increase YOY in new Apple Search Ads downloads.
250% improvement on return on ad spend (ROAS).
50% increase in downloads after removing audience refinements.

The Challenge

Wayfair wanted to drive customer growth on mobile across the U.S., Canada, Germany, and the UK. To be successful, they needed to diversify their acquisition strategy, increase brand engagement, and gain incremental, quality downloads while maintaining cost efficiency.

We grew our installs from Apple Search Ads by 400 percent year over year and attracted more shoppers who show stronger intent.

The Solution

Optimize keywords to scale growth.

With Apple Search Ads, the Wayfair team leveraged keyword-level insights to reach more customers and evaluated performance at a granular level. They identified a subset of top-performing keywords based on return on ad spend (ROAS), removed less efficient search terms, and adjusted bids accordingly to capitalize on the most relevant keywords.


“We found that certain keywords drove higher install rates but lower engagement and vice versa, which was an insight that helped us optimize our bidding strategy,” says Wayfair Associate Director of App Marketing Katie Lynch.

Broaden reach by minimizing audience refinements.

To connect with the widest audience possible, Wayfair removed all audience refinements, helping the company reach more customers. This approach felt like a risk initially, so the team began by testing it on competitive keyword campaigns first. “Including all users paid off. We reached the most potential customers, and downloads increased by over 50 percent while maintaining our ROI targets,” says Lynch.


In addition to growing and diversifying Wayfair’s mobile customer base, shoppers acquired through Apple Search Ads were highly engaged. They demonstrated substantially higher sign-in rates and repeat visit rates than customers from other platforms. “We grew our installs from Apple Search Ads by 400 percent year over year and attracted more shoppers who show stronger intent,” shares Lynch.

Reengage to drive continued success.

Wayfair plans to reconnect with lapsed customers by expanding its investment with Apple Search Ads. “We are now finding that redownloads can help us reintroduce former users to our new features and improved app experience,” Lynch says. The team aims to leverage this winning strategy across additional new markets as well as their suite of apps for their other lifestyle brands, Birch Lane and Joss & Main.

Company Snapshot

  • Wayfair
  • Shopping category
  • Founded in 2002
  • Based in Boston, MA, U.S.
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