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Yanolja offers millions of travelers all kinds of leisure services including accommodation, transportation, and restaurant reservations. Yanolja increased new customer acquisition and reengaged former customers with Apple Search Ads, improving conversions while lowering costs. 

The Results

50% lower cost per acquisition (CPA) for new user sign ups compared to other ad platforms.
150% lower CPA for new users making a first purchase compared to other ad platforms.
41% lower CPA for returning users making a first purchase compared to new users.
8% higher LTV (lifetime value) compared to other ad platforms.

The Challenge

To maximize new customer acquisition and maintain their leadership position, the team at Yanolja needed to improve visibility on the App Store. They wanted to capture strong intent from potential customers searching for their brand. Reengaging customers who had previously downloaded the app but not made a purchase was also critical to improving conversion rates as well as driving revenue.

With Apple Search Ads, we can efficiently maximize awareness among users with high intent for our services to increase downloads as well as drive redownloads and
first purchases.

The Solution

Capture strong brand intent.

With Apple Search Ads campaigns, the Yanolja team scaled reach and drove awareness with the most relevant audiences. By investing in their own brand terms, they protected their brand terms and captured interest from South Korean travelers actively searching for their popular app. Competitive campaigns increased discovery with people showing interest in similar travel and leisure apps.


“As a well-known industry leader, we prioritized defending our brand on the App Store to stay ahead of the competition,” says Yanolja Data Marketing General Manager, Misun Cho.

Optimize with performance insights.

The Yanolja team closely monitored performance at the keyword level, specifically optimizing brand campaigns for cost-per-tap and impression share to remain competitive. Discovery campaigns with Search Match also helped uncover new, relevant search terms, including misspellings and popular travel category keywords. “By optimizing bids and daily caps based on the best performing keywords, we were able to stay top of mind with key audiences and ensure the strongest share of voice,” shares Misun Cho.1


The team at Yanolja also took advantage of the ad creative rule that enables an Apple Search Ads advertiser to show more images and previews whenever their app is the first organic result and is also featured as an ad. Yanolja was able to showcase their app on iPhone screens in more impactful ways, helping build deeper customer engagement. In fact, their tap-through rate improved by 50% when they displayed six portrait images through organic and ad placements combined. 

Reengage customers to improve efficiency.

To reengage former customers, the Yanolja team included returning users in their Apple Search Ads campaigns. “While our initial focus was on acquiring new users, we quickly saw that our Apple Search Ads redownloads campaign was outperforming our new user campaign,” says Misun Cho. In fact, the redownload campaign accounted for half of total impressions. Redownloads had 8 percent higher tap-through rate with a 12 percent lower cost per acquisition compared to new user campaign.


“Thanks to Apple Search Ads, we could strengthen our postinstall marketing strategies and increase first-time purchases among users who installed the app but never made a purchase,” says Misun Cho. The Yanolja team saw 53 percent higher download conversions from returning users as well as a 41 percent lower cost per acquisition for first purchases among these customers. 

Company Snapshot

  • Yanolja
  • Travel category
  • Launched in 2018
  • Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea
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