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With YAZIO’s broad array of tracking features, customers can easily manage their weight by recording calories, water intake, fasting reminders, and more. The health and fitness app increased its download growth, conversions, and lifetime value with optimized ad creative and business insights from Apple Search Ads. 

The Results

#1 platform for
tap-to-install rate.
45% increase in overall downloads delivered by Apple Search Ads year over year.
40% higher lifetime value
for customers
acquired through
Apple Search Ads.
20% average increase in conversion rate compared with other ad platforms.

The Challenge

To drive new customer acquisition and grow revenue across new markets like the U.S., the team at YAZIO needed to increase app discovery with the right audiences. They also wanted to better capture intent from health-conscious people searching for help with nutrition on the App Store. Showcasing features beyond the app’s free calorie counter –– including recipes, fasting plans, and a barcode scanner to make calorie tracking easy –– would be key to improving subscription conversions and customer retention.

We have shifted significant budget from other channels to Apple Search Ads because the performance is much more efficient and we can scale our success
to new markets easily.

The Solution

Enter new markets quickly to increase brand awareness.

With Apple Search Ads, the YAZIO team was able to quickly launch discovery campaigns in new markets, and Search Match helped uncover new, relevant keywords. In YAZIO’s main markets, investing in brand campaigns helped the team capitalize on high search volume for their brand terms and stay ahead of the competition. The team monitored performance at the keyword level and adjusted bidding on top-performing search terms, driving download volume as well as efficiency.


“Apple Search Ads is an easy way to test the waters in new markets where we haven’t advertised,” says YAZIO Performance Marketing Manager Yusuf Bozkurt. “We keep discovery campaigns running at all times because they give us such important insights into customer interests, search volume, and trends in our vertical –– all in a relatively short time period.”

Gain business insights to inform product and marketing strategy.

Insights from Apple Search Ads also informed YAZIO’s product strategy. For example, they noticed a strong volume of searches for water tracker, and added the feature to the app.


“We regularly analyze performance at the keyword level on

Apple Search Ads to find desired app features and find ways to improve performance across all of our other acquisition channels,” says Bozkurt.


By using separate ad groups for new and returning customers, the team gained valuable insights on retention and lifetime value too. YAZIO used keyword and conversion insights from Apple Search Ads to optimize the relevancy of their App Store product page, improving organic rankings and driving incremental growth.

Optimize ad performance by highlighting key features.

By creating ad variations, the team at YAZIO aligned theme-based ad groups with different app previews or videos from their App Store product page. They tested ad variations that highlighted popular app features like the calorie counter and fasting tracker. “Through keyword analysis on Apple Search Ads campaigns, we found out which features our customers love the most, and we were able to increase ad spend on creative elements that focused on these features,” says Bozkurt.


The YAZIO team also benefited from the ad creative rule that enables Apple Search Ads advertisers to display more images and video previews when their app is the first organic search result and is featured as an ad. This gave the team new ways to showcase their app on iPhone screens, building deeper customer engagement.

Company Snapshot

  • Health & Fitness category
  • Launched in 2013
  • Based in Erfurt, Germany
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