Create Today tab ads

Understand how to set up Today tab ads in Apple Search Ads Advanced

Create Ad page

To create a Today tab ad, you’ll first need to set up a custom product page in App Store Connect using our ad creative guidelines. You can do this anytime without submitting a new app version. All you need is Marketing role access to the App Store Connect account. Your ad creative will be based on the assets from your custom product page.

Once your custom product page has been set up and approved in App Store Connect, you can begin Today tab campaign creation in Apple Search Ads Advanced. If you have multiple custom product pages set up in App Store Connect, you’ll be able to select which one you want to use during campaign creation.

When creating Today tab ads, keep the following in mind:

  • The custom product page you use for your ad must include at least four portrait or five landscape assets.
  • If you’re planning to run ads across iPhone and iPad devices — or your app supports both devices — make sure you have the minimum number of required assets for each type of device. Otherwise, your campaign may not run.
  • The custom product page must use the correct language for the countries and regions where you want your campaign to run. Note that Today tab ads aren’t currently available on the App Store in mainland China.
  • Your Today tab ad will run as soon as it’s approved, unless you schedule it to start on a specific date or set its status to Pause while in review.
Learn more about Today tab ad guidelines

Tip: Plan ahead for review of time-sensitive ads.

If you want your Today tab ad to run during a particular time period, create and submit it for review early. This will help ensure you have time to get it approved — or correct any issues standing in the way of approval — before you want it to run on the App Store.