Manage Today tab ads

Check ad approval, status, and performance from the
Ads dashboard

The Ads dashboard in Apple Search Ads Advanced showing the ad name, status, creative type, spend, impressions, and average CPA for a Today tab ad.

On the Ads dashboard within your Today tab ad group, you can do all of the following:

  • Create new ads that take users to approved custom product pages you’ve set up in App Store Connect. Before your ad can run on the Today tab, your app icon, name, subtitle, and custom product page assets will need to be reviewed and approved by Apple Search Ads.
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  • Monitor current and historical performance data for all of your Today tab ads. You can see key metrics such as impressions, taps, average cost-per-tap, installs, and more.
  • Edit an ad’s name by clicking it, making adjustments in the window that appears, and clicking Save.
  • Change an approved ad’s status by selecting the checkbox next to it and choosing Activate or Pause from the Actions menu. Activating one ad will cause your other active ad to pause.
  • Download ad rejection reasons by choosing Download Data from the Actions menu, then selecting Ad Rejection Reasons.

Understand ad statuses

  • Active: Ad is approved and running.
  • Ad in review: Ad is on hold pending review of your app icon, name, subtitle, and custom product page assets.
  • Custom product page incompatible: Ad is on hold because the custom product page selected for it contains assets that aren’t compatible with the ad group’s country or region. An ad can also be on hold if the custom page assets are for iPad only, because Today tab ads can only run on iPhone devices.
  • Custom product page disabled: Ad is on hold because the custom product page you selected for it has been disabled in App Store Connect.
  • Ad content rejected: Ad can’t run because the app icon, name, subtitle, or custom product page assets don’t meet Today tab guidelines or comply with Apple Advertising Policies.
  • Custom product page deleted: If the custom product page you selected is deleted in App Store Connect, your ad can’t run.
  • Document issues: Ad is on hold because the campaign is set to run in mainland China and creative authorization documentation is needed or has been rejected for one or more screenshots within the custom product page selected.
  • Paused: Ad has been paused by you.
  • On hold: Ad is on hold for multiple reasons.

How to change the tap destination and background assets for a Today tab ad

To update an ad’s tap destination and background assets, you’ll need to create a new ad and select the new custom product page where you want to take users who tap. Remember that the custom page you use must be localized in the default language of the country or region where your campaign will run. And that the custom page must include iPhone assets — as Today tab ads aren’t available on iPad devices.