Create Today tab ads

Understand how to set up Today tab ads in Apple Search Ads Advanced

 A MacBook is open to the Today tab ad creation page in Apple Search Ads Advanced, showing two available custom product pages. The title of the Today tab ad that's being created is Dining Feature Launch Ad and a Dining Campaign custom product page is selected. In the upper right corner, a preview of the ad shows the app icon, name, and subtitle.

Today tab ads feature your app icon, name, and subtitle, and use a custom product page as the ad’s tap destination. To create a Today tab ad, you’ll first need to set up a custom product page in App Store Connect to take users to when they tap your ad. You can do this anytime without submitting a new app version. All you need is Marketing role access to the App Store Connect account.

After your custom product page has been set up and approved in App Store Connect, you can begin Today tab campaign creation in Apple Search Ads Advanced. If you have multiple custom product pages set up in App Store Connect, you’ll be able to select which one you want to use as your tap destination during campaign creation. Note that Today tab ads only run on iPhone devices using iOS 16.4 and later. They’re not available iOS 16.3 or earlier, or on iPad. Today tab ads are also not currently available on the App Store in mainland China.

Once you create your campaign, your ad will automatically be submitted for approval. Apple Search Ads will review your app icon, name, and subtitle to make sure they adhere to our Today tab ad guidelines. Note that after your app icon, name, and subtitle have been reviewed for one Today tab campaign, they won’t require approval again to run in the same country or region where your previous campaign ran, unless you update them in App Store Connect. Your Today tab ad will run as soon as it’s approved, unless you schedule it to start on a specific date or set its status to Pause.

Today tab ads guidelines

  • Your app icon, name, and subtitle can’t include content that’s considered violent, offensive, sexually explicit, or otherwise inappropriate. Images containing guns, weapons, or graphic violence are not allowed.
  • The custom product page you use as your ad’s tap destination must be localized in the primary language of the country or region where you’re running your campaign.
  • No pricing, offers, ranking, or other incentivized promotions are allowed in your app icon, name, or subtitle. App rankings and app awards claims are also not allowed.
  • Your app name and subtitle must match the localized language for the associated country or region where your campaign is set to run.
  • The phrases “Game of the Day” and “App of the Day” can’t be used in your app icon, name, or subtitle.
  • Your app name, icon, and subtitle must comply with Apple Advertising Policies.