View Basic app promotion performance

Understand your Apple Search Ads Basic dashboard

When you sign in to your Apple Search Ads Basic account, you’ll see your dashboard. This tells you the status of your app promotions, how they’re performing, and how much you’re spending. The default view for performance metrics is the current month, but you can choose to look at last calendar month or last three calendar months.

Apple Search Ads Basic dashboard showing reporting for two apps: Sprint Pacer and Music Teacher. Each app has a module and shows number of installs, average CPI, total spend, ad status, maximum CPI, monthly budget, and a preview of the ad.

The following terms are used in Apple Search Ads Basic reporting:

Average Cost-Per-Install (CPI)

Total spend, divided by the total number of installs (downloads), during the specified time period.


Total number of downloads and redownloads of your app onto user devices that occur within a 30-day conversion window. The window starts from when a user engages with your ad and continues to when the app is installed.

Maximum Cost-Per-Install (Max CPI)

The maximum amount you’re willing to pay for a download of your app. If you adjust your max CPI, your original max CPI may still apply due to the 30‑day conversion window.

Monthly Budget

The most you want to spend every calendar month.


The amount spent during the specified time period.


Indicates the current state of your app promotion:

Even if your app promotion is paused or on hold, you may still see additional installs due to the 30-day conversion window.

Note that the Apple Search Ads Campaign Management API, which includes reporting capabilities, isn’t available for Apple Search Ads Basic. Customers may, however, implement our Attribution API to track and attribute app opens that originate from Apple Search Ads app promotions.

Get more details and view the Attribution API documentation

How to download your results

  1. Set the time period you wish to view using the menu.
  2. Click the “Results by countries and regions” link and save the CSV file.

The CSV file will give you results across all your app promotions and all of the countries and regions you’ve selected.