Yandex.Taxi drives customer
acquisition and expands reach.

Russia’s biggest tech company uses Apple Search Ads
to drive growth for its ride-hailing app in new markets.


  • Expand in markets beyond Russia.
  • Acquire qualified customers seeking their next ride.
  • Lower cost-per-acquisition.


  • Use Apple Search Ads to gain market share in new regions.
  • Structure campaigns based on keyword type.
  • Identify new keywords using Search Match.


  • 26 percent of overall new customer acquisition driven by Apple Search Ads.
  • Five times higher conversion rate compared to other channels.
  • Lower cost-per-acquisition rates from Apple Search Ads campaigns.

Yandex.Taxi drives customer acquisition and expands reach.

Looking to grow its ride-sharing business in new markets outside of Russia, Yandex.Taxi put Apple Search Ads to work to expand in new regions.

Scale to new markets.

When Russian tech giant Yandex wanted to grow business for its ride-hailing app Yandex.Taxi, the company knew it would need a strong partner for success. The app was already well known — with over one billion rides taken since 2011 — but Yandex.Taxi wanted to expand into additional markets, including Israel, Kazakhstan, Romania, and Finland. With Apple Search Ads campaigns, Yandex.Taxi drove significant growth by structuring campaigns by keyword type: discovery, generic, competitor, and brand. “We started by launching campaigns in five new markets, and we saw 26 percent of our overall customer acquisition driven by Apple Search Ads,” says Vladimir Solosin, Head of Expansion and International Performance for Yandex.Taxi. “With Apple Search Ads, we see a significantly lower CPA and five times higher conversion rates compared to other paid channels,” continued Solosin.

Build more robust campaigns with Search Match.

To increase ad impressions and reach more customers, Yandex.Taxi used Search Match in discovery-based campaigns. Search Match helped Yandex.Taxi identify and bid on high-volume generic and competitive keywords, gaining more exposure in the App Store. Search Match insights were also used to optimize Yandex.Taxi’s App Store listing metadata to increase organic rankings.

Attract highly engaged customers.

How quickly new customers book their first ride is an essential metric for Yandex.Taxi. With Apple Search Ads, the team has been able to engage customers when they’re most likely to download and use the app, resulting in significant channel efficiency. “Customers acquired through Apple Search Ads are over 20 percent more likely to book a ride after downloading our app compared to customers acquired through other channels,” says Marina Terekhina, Senior Mobile Marketing Manager for Yandex.Taxi.

After such phenomenal success with Yandex.Taxi, the company looks forward to future growth on the App Store. Apple Search Ads will continue to be an integral part of Yandex’s paid user acquisition strategy for its suite of apps. As Terekhina says, “Apple Search Ads has become a trusted partner to us in reaching our goals for expansion.”

Customers acquired through Apple Search Ads are over 20 percent more likely to book a ride after downloading our app, compared to customers acquired through other channels.

Marina Terekhina, Yandex.Taxi

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  • Travel category
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  • Based in Moscow, Russia

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