Creative Sets troubleshooting

If your set is invalid

This happens when you haven’t uploaded the minimum number of required assets on your App Store product page across all device sizes. The default ad will appear instead. This may result when a change to an asset has been made to your App Store product page. For example, a screenshot may have been removed or replaced.

If you can’t find an asset

There may be a few reasons you can’t find an asset when building a new set.

  • Time lag. When you update creative assets, it could take one day for changes to appear.

  • Approval. Your app has yet to be approved on the App Store.

  • Insufficient number of assets. You haven’t uploaded a sufficient number of creative assets to your App Store product page. Minimum requirements by device:

    Portrait: Four assets, two of which must be screenshots
    Landscape: Two assets

    Portrait: Three assets, one of which must be a screenshot
    Landscape: Two assets

If you can’t select the Add Creative Set button

This happens when you’ve already added 20 sets, the maximum allowed, to an ad group. Remove some sets before trying to add more.