Apple Search Ads Basic

Simply powerful.

Set your goals. Set your budget. Grow your business.

A MacBook screen shows the Promote an App page for Apple Search Ads Basic. The example app, Sprint Pacer, has been selected. An iPhone next to the MacBook shows an ad for Sprint Pacer in App Store search results.

Try Apple Search Ads for free
with a 100 USD credit.*

Set your goals. Let us do the rest.

It’s quick and easy to get set up and start driving discovery of your app. Our intelligent automation will optimize your search results app promotions for you, delivering downloads at a predictable cost.

A man searching for "sprint training" on the App Store. An ad for the example app, Sprint Pacer, appears at the top of the search results, and the app Sprint Trainer appears below it.

Start simply.

Tell us
your app.

The Sprint Pacer logo. It's a turquoise, geometric heart.

Choose where
promote it.

A map of the world with locations pinpointed.

Set your
monthly budget.

A monthly budget of $500 with a bar underneath it that's filled in halfway.
An ad for the app Sprint Pacer appears at the top of App Store search results.

Your ad is created automatically

A person is stretching their arm, getting ready to run.

and served

Results on
your terms.

Get your app in the hands of more people while
keeping your costs predictable.

A person is using the example app, Sprint Pacer, on an iPhone. The screen shows the option to Select workout, and gives metrics from a past run.

Pay only for installs at a price you set.

We suggest a max cost-per-install, or choose your own, and we’ll work to maximize the number of installs for your budget.

Start or stop any time.

You can pause your app promotion at any time.
No long-term commitment.

Follow your results.

Use your dashboard to stay up to date on
performance in just minutes.

Apple Search Ads Basic dashboard showing reporting for two apps: Sprint Pacer and Music Teacher. Each app has a module and shows number of installs, average CPI, total spend, ad status, maximum CPI, monthly budget, and a preview of the ad.
Apple Search Ads Basic

Start your first app promotion.

Apple Search Ads Basic makes it simple to promote your app at
the top of search results and
maximize downloads. And it’s even
simpler to get started — try it for free with a 100
USD credit.*

A MacBook and two iPhones. The MacBook shows the Apple Search Ads Advanced Recommendations page, with recommendation totals for keywords, bids, and daily budget. One iPhone shows an ad for example app, Music Teacher, in search results. The second iPhone shows an ad for Music Teacher on the Search tab.
Apple Search Ads Advanced

Get more control over your campaigns.

Combine Apple Search Ads Advanced tools with your own marketing expertise.

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