Close up of two hands typing on a MacBook keyboard. The screen is open to the Apple Search Ads campaign creation screen for a Today tab campaign.

Best Practices

Today Tab Ads

Ads on the Today tab give your app the opportunity to be among the first content users see when they visit the App Store. Whether your goal is to boost awareness of your app, promote a new feature, or drive seasonal downloads, Today tab ads help you get your app seen the moment users start their journey on the App Store. Get off to a great start with Today tab ads by putting the following suggestions into practice.
Get up to speed on custom product pages.
Custom product pages are the basis for Today tab ad creative. These custom pages are additional versions of your default App Store product page that can use different app previews, screenshots, and promotional text to highlight certain features or content. When you’re ready to create a Today tab ad, your first step is to set up a custom product page in App Store Connect using the Today tab ad creative guidelines.


You can set up your custom page anytime without submitting a new app version. All you need is Marketing role access to the App Store Connect account. Once the App Store approves your page, it’ll appear in your Apple Search Ads account as an option to select for your ad creative.
A MacBook is open to the Apple Search Ads Create Ad page for a Today tab ad. There are four previously created, available custom product page variations. One is named Dining Campaign, and another is named General Travel Campaign. The title of the Today tab ad that's being created is Dining Feature Launch Ad and the Dining Campaign custom product page is selected. To the right, an iPhone displays a preview of the ad, and an alert states that the ad creative requires approval.

Let’s say you had a travel app called TripTrek and wanted to promote a new dining feature
for foodies. You could set up a custom product page that showcased the new feature —
and select that page when you created your Today tab ad in Apple Search Ads.

Follow Today tab ad guidelines carefully.
Before you create a Today tab campaign, make sure your custom product page is set up correctly for Today tab ad use. It must include at least four portrait or five landscape assets, use a language appropriate for the countries and regions where you want your ad to run, and stick to all Today tab ad creative guidelines.
To be approved for the Today tab, your ad creative will be reviewed against our guidelines — so following them closely is key. Your ad should show off what your app has to offer. Make sure to use screenshots of your app content and keep text short and focused on app capabilities. 

Review the full list of Today tab ad creative guidelines
Plan ahead for ad creative review.
If your Today tab ad is time-sensitive, be sure to create and submit it for review early. This will help ensure that you have time to get your creative approved before you want your ad to run.
Create an evergreen ad.
Set up a general Today tab ad that gives users an overview of what your app has to offer. You can run this ad version year round, and simply pause it if you want to change ad creative for a feature launch or seasonal promotion. When the promotional period ends, change your evergreen ad’s status back to Active to keep your app in front of potential customers.
Two examples of Today tab ads for an example app, TripTrek. On the left is a general travel campaign with images that offer an overview of the app. On the right is a holiday travel campaign that might run during promotional periods during the year.

For the travel app, TripTrek, you could use a general travel ad when
you weren’t running ad creative during summer or holiday vacation periods.

Screenshot from example app, TripTrek, showing a new travel photo collections feature. One collection is named Shanghai, and another is named Brunch.

Get users excited about new content.

High-impact ads on the front page of the App Store are a great way to announce feature releases. Show customers what’s new and improved by highlighting specific offerings in your screenshots, app previews, and text.

For example, if you were launching a new photo collections feature for the travel app, TripTrek, you could give users a peek at the interface in one of your screenshots.

Stand out during key seasons and holidays.
If you’re looking to drive downloads during a particular season, holiday, or event, update your ad creative to include images and text that are relevant to the occasion. To promote the TripTrek app, you might run ad creative with imagery of popular vacation destinations to increase downloads during the summer travel season.
Four screenshots from an example app, TripTrek. One showing a person looking over a body of water next to a line graph of metrics; the second showing a photo of the Great Wall of China above a user profile named Jane; the third showing four tiles that read Hotels, Flights, Travel, and Dining; the fourth showing six tiles with one reading Popular highlighted next to an image of the Shanghai Museum.
Expand your impact.
When you run ads across all of our ad placements, you can reach even more people throughout their App Store journey. You’ll amplify your brand’s message and be able to connect with customers across more moments.

Learn more about ad placements

A Mac screen open to the Create Campaign page in Apple Search Ads Advanced. An example app, TripTrek, is chosen from a menu, and the following ad placement options are listed: Today Tab, Search Tab, Search Results, and Product Pages. Two iPhone screens are displayed to the left of the Mac. One shows an ad for TripTrek in a search tab ad placement, and the other shows a Today tab ad placement.

With a campaign set up for each ad placement, TripTrek would reach users when they first
arrive to the App Store, when they search for something specific, and when they research
apps to download.


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