View Campaigns dashboard metrics

Access Apple Search Ads Advanced performance data at a glance

From the Campaigns dashboard of your Apple Search Ads Advanced account, you can see performance metrics on any campaign — or go to your Ad Groups dashboard, Ads dashboard, or Keywords tab to view metrics at the ad group, ad, or keyword level, according to your ad placement. The Ad Placement column on the Campaigns dashboard will indicate whether the campaign is for ads in search results, on the Today tab, on the Search tab, or across product pages. Choose a date range from the menu to see data on any or all of the following:

  • Spend

  • Avg CPA (cost-per-acquisition)

  • Avg CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions)

  • Avg CPT (cost-per-tap)

  • Avg Daily Spend

  • Impressions

  • Taps

  • Installs

  • TTR (tap-through rate)

  • CR (conversion rate)

  • New downloads

  • Redownloads

Within your Campaigns dashboard, you can also see your daily budget, campaign start and end date, and days left in the campaign, as well as filter data to view specific cross-sections. Within your Ad Groups dashboard, you can see your default max CPT bid, view your CPA cap for search results ad groups, and filter data. Within the Keywords and Search Term tabs, you can monitor search results max CPT bids and filter by match type and other variables. The Campaigns dashboard, Ad Groups dashboard, Ads dashboard, and Keywords and Search Terms tabs also include totals for all key metrics. And you can download your campaign data from any page.

How to add metrics to
your dashboard

On the right side of your Campaigns dashboard, Ad Groups dashboard, or Keywords tab, click the “Edit columns” link. Within “Edit columns,” simply drag the metrics and information you’d like to show or hide in your reporting.

The Campaigns dashboard in Apple Search Ads, showing one campaign selected so it's highlighted in the list of campaigns.

How to filter the data in
your dashboards

You’ll see the Filters menu near the top of the performance data table on your Campaigns dashboard, Ad Groups dashboard, Ads dashboard, and Keywords, Search Terms, and Negative Keywords tabs. Click to open the menu and then choose up to 20 filters to see specific cross-sections of your data. Choose to filter by:

General Campaigns dashboard: Countries or Regions, Status, App, Daily Budget
Ad Groups dashboard: Status, Default Max CPT Bid, Max CPM Bid (for historical Search tab ad reporting only), CPA Cap
Keywords tab: Match Type, Max CPT Bid
Search Terms tab: Match Source, Default Max CPT Bid
Negative Keywords tab: Match Type, Type
Ads dashboard: Status, Creative Source
Performance Spend, Avg Daily Spend, Taps, Installs, Impressions
Advanced New Downloads, Redownloads

For the following filters, you can choose to see data that’s equal to, greater than, less than, or in between specific values:

  • Avg Daily Spend
  • CPA Cap (in search results campaigns)
  • Daily Budget
  • Default Max CPT Bid
  • Impressions
  • Installs
  • Max CPM Bid (historical Search tab ad reporting only)
  • Max CPT Bid
  • Spend
  • Taps
  • New Downloads
  • Redownloads

Save filters

You can save up to six specific filters or combinations of filters for future use by clicking the Save button at the top right of the performance data table. Name your filter and it will appear as a Saved Filter in the menu so you can quickly view the same cross-section of data anytime.

Edit saved filter names

Click the Filters menu, then click the pencil icon next to the saved filter whose name you’d like to change. A window will appear where you can make edits and resave the filter.

Delete saved filters

Click the Filters menu, then click the trash can icon next to the saved filter you’d like to delete. A window will appear where you can confirm that you want to delete the filter.