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The world's first purpose-built platform for cross-channel app marketing.

Luna is the only app marketing platform that unifies every element of your marketing to empower you to drive incremental growth for your app.

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10x revenue growth on
average per app.1

Optimize with advanced intelligence.

Marin delivers growth and efficiency with automated insights across digital ad channels in a unified platform, ensuring optimal performance from every dollar.

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$40B digital ad spend managed through Marin.2
Grow your app and ROI with any budget.
Redbox blends automated and human intelligence to deliver a self-serve or managed solution that saves time, spots trends, and drives growth & ROI for any size budget.
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83% of installs from keywords provided by Redbox.3
Acquire more users effortlessly. shrinks hours of work into minutes with automation, bulk editing, actionable insights, and reliable keyword data for marketers to optimize ROI.
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90% more installs
on average.4
Maximize ROI with minimum effort.
Skai provides powerful automation, optimization, and reporting capabilities to drive more installs and generate better ROI from your campaigns.
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72% lower cost per acquisition on average.5
Automate routine, optimize performance, and scale.
SplitMetrics Acquire (formerly SearchAdsHQ) offers advanced automation, smart optimization, competitor insights, and data-driven market trends to grow ROI easier and faster.
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100% ROAS growth.6

Drive growth and scale beyond human capability.

UNICORN accelerates efficiency and performance by automated bid optimization using machine learning, with numerous and granular data that cannot be handled manually.

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14x growth in app installs.7