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Campaign Management

Save time and help improve performance by working
with one of our partners
to create and manage
your campaigns.

Accelerate your
mobile app growth.

Bidalgo is a leading mobile ad automation platform that empowers marketers to achieve unparalleled growth, easily and profitably.

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10Xrevenue growth on
average per app.1

Maximize ROI with minimum effort.

Kenshoo provides powerful automation, optimization, and reporting capabilities to drive more installs and generate better ROI from your campaigns.

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72%lower cost per acquisition
on average.2

Acquire more users effortlessly. shrinks hours of work into minutes with automation, bulk editing, actionable insights, and reliable keyword data for marketers to optimize ROI.

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90%more installs on average.3

Smart automation boosts growth and profits.

SearchAdsHQ sees beyond installs, frees time to spot market trends and hone strategy with advanced automation, ad and app performance overview, and bulk management.

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40%average growth of
return on ad spend.4


Measure and optimize your campaigns with one of
our partners who offer
tools to make more
informed decisions.

Measure the impact
of your marketing.

Adjust provides mobile measurement, marketing automation, and fraud prevention tools enabling app marketers to make smart decisions about their campaigns and strategy.

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50Kapps work with
Adjust’s solutions.5

Grow and protect your mobile business.

AppsFlyer empowers marketers with accurate cross-device attribution, cost and ad revenue reporting, fraud protection, deep linking, and audience segmentation.

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$28Bannual mobile ad
spend measured.6

Supercharge your app usage.

Branch helps you acquire and retain app users, fix broken cross-platform experiences, and improve campaign performance with reliable deep links and accurate cross-channel insights.

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48%average growth
in app users.7

Harness your data for growth.

Kochava’s end-to-end platform is trusted by top brands for data management, targeting, enrichment, configurable cross-device attribution, analytics, and advanced fraud protection.

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5Xmore monthly active
users on average.8

Grow faster with ROI insights.

Singular gives marketers a complete view of their ROI with cross-device attribution, industry-leading cost aggregation, adaptive fraud prevention, and creative reporting.

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3.5Ximprovement in average
customer lifetime value.9

Build powerful tools for growth.

Tenjin equips game publishers of all levels with tools and training to boost their user acquisition and ad monetization efforts.

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70%of the top games
use Tenjin.10