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Homescapes Ad on App Store


Players build a cozy home.
Homescapes builds a global brand.

Homescapes Apple Search Ads ad on the App Store
Maintaining a competitive advantage is key in the gaming category. With Apple Search Ads, a top games publisher was able to promote brand terms, gain market-specific insights, and scale global growth for Homescapes by 6x over two years.

The Results

6x increase in Apple Search Ads installs for Homescapes in two years.
300% increase in tap-through rate.
17% increase in conversion rate.

The Challenge

Founded in Russia by two brothers, Playrix wanted to grow the discoverability of its popular title Homescapes to new audiences around the world. In a category as crowded as gaming, the Playrix team needed to defend their brand from competitive challenges by similar apps and scale growth efficiently. Accomplishing all this would require local insights and a targeted strategy. And Apple Search Ads was core to their approach.

With Apple Search Ads, we can launch in a new market quickly, promote brand terms to maintain a competitive advantage, and scale quality acquisition globally.

The Solution

Invest to keep your brand ahead of the competition.

To maintain a category advantage, the Playrix team focused their Apple Search Ads investment on brand campaigns in all available markets, capturing interest from potential customers searching for their brand terms on the App Store. They further maximized impressions with competitive keyword campaigns, raising visibility among gamers searching for similar apps. The team also implemented a strong cross-brand keyword strategy, bidding on their other Playrix titles within Homescapes campaigns and attracting players of their similar games. 


“Apple Search Ads is an essential channel for branding and defending against competitor challenges in real time. It’s easy to monitor keyword performance and share of voice to quickly grow your fanbase worldwide,” says Playrix Marketing Producer Slava Gataulin. 

Optimize keyword strategy to scale in new markets.

Discovery campaigns helped the team at Playrix find new relevant keywords and glean country-specific insights for optimization by market. To drive efficiency and coverage, the Playrix team separated campaigns by keyword themes and monitored performance closely to optimize campaign-level bidding. They also leveraged additional App Store assets to create more ad variations aligned to relevant keyword themes, improving ad relevancy and conversion rates.

This overall Apple Search Ads strategy allowed Playrix to reach more casual gamers, attracting a global audience that mirrored the high quality of organic downloads.

Company Snapshot

  • Playrix
  • Games category
  • Founded in 2005
  • Based in Dublin, Ireland
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