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Gamers battle with hunted witches. MementoMori boosts downloads.

MementoMori ad on the App Store
MementoMori whisks gamers away to a world of stunning graphics and an epic soundtrack where they battle darkness and restore hope alongside witches. The app’s publisher, Bank of Innovation, maximized new player acquisition globally with Apple Search Ads, combining search results campaigns and ads on the Today tab1 with TV commercials to increase both impressions and revenue.

The Results

135% increase in downloads after running Today tab ads.
30X higher impressions after running Today tab ads.
86% increase in revenue after running Today tab ads.

The Challenge

Focused on driving cost-effective new player acquisition globally, the team at Bank of Innovation wanted to expand exposure on the App Store. In a crowded and competitive category, they needed to keep their brand top of mind with fans of mobile role-playing games around the world. To meet aggressive efficiency goals, maximizing high-quality download growth across core markets was critical.

Ads on the Today tab are a prominent, efficient placement that exceeded our expectations, delivering higher-than-imagined volume, strong return on ad spend, and players with high
lifetime value.

The Solution

Drive early awareness with a pre-order campaign.

With a pre-order Apple Search Ads campaign, the Bank of Innovation team increased discovery and awareness on the App Store before the game’s release. On release day, the app automatically downloaded to the devices of people who pre-ordered, who were then notified that they could start experiencing the app right away. “We believe Apple Search Ads is an effective, impactful platform that helps drive downloads quickly and attracts a player base of exceptionally high quality,” says Bank of Innovation’s promotion manager.

Expand exposure with Today tab ads.

To reach as many potential players as possible, the Bank of Innovation team separated search results campaigns by keyword theme: brand, discovery, competitive, and generic. They invested heavily in brand campaigns to accelerate global growth with players showing strong intent and actively searching for their brand terms and similar apps. “By analyzing Apple Search Ads performance, we gained valuable insights into our audiences. We found that acquisition volume from competitive keyword campaigns as well as lifetime value were both higher than expected,” says the promotion manager at Bank of Innovation.
The team further maximized impressions with an ad on the Today tab. This prominent placement on the front page of the App Store ensured that their app was some of the first content that people saw when they began their App Store journey. “We believe that users make decisions on the App Store, and Today tab placement is a strategically important customer contact point that exceeded our expectations in both impressions and efficiency,” says Bank of Innovation’s promotion manager.

Integrate across channels to
maximize results.

To amplify awareness and impact across platforms, the Bank of Innovation team increased overall investment in Apple Search Ads during TV commercial campaigns and marketing events around the game’s one-year anniversary. They strengthened bidding on both brand keyword campaigns and Today tab ads to fully capture increased demand on the App Store driven by TV commercials and events. They monitored campaigns closely, ensuring that optimization was expanding reach with the right audiences and driving strong return on ad spend.
“Today tab ads are particularly compatible with TV commercials: We saw acquisition efficiency of Apple Search Ads increase during the period we were running commercials. Brand keyword campaigns helped capture players searching on the App Store after they saw our TV ads, which increased our conversion rate,” says Bank of Innovation’s promotion manager.

Company Snapshot

  • Bank of Innovation, Inc.
  • Games category
  • Launched in 2006
  • Based in Tokyo, Japan
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