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Advanced | Payments

Billing issues

If you suspect a billing error in your account, please contact the Apple Search Ads team.

How to view transactions

To view transaction details for your account:

  1. Click your account name at the top right of any page.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Go to the Billing page.
  4. Go to the Invoices section of the page.
  5. Click the specific invoice you’d like to see.

Invoices will include the campaign ID, taps received and the amount billed to your account.

You can also monitor other financial metrics, such as ad group spend and average CPA, in your Campaigns dashboard and in the Charts dashboard within your Ad Groups dashboard.

Note that the amount on your credit card invoice may differ slightly from your online transaction totals. This is because your credit card is billed according to UTC, while your account uses your selected time zone. To review your account in the same time zone as your billing history, go to the Charts dashboard for the campaign you want to view. Select UTC in the time zone menu in the footer. Your chosen date range may change slightly to reflect UTC time differences. The search terms, age, gender and location reports are not viewable in UTC.

If you receive a charge for $1 (US)

A $0 or $1 (U.S.) charge on your bill indicates a temporary authorisation request was sent to your card issuer to ensure that your card is valid. The charge should be removed from your account automatically by your bank, usually within 14 days. Apple Search Ads can’t remove it. Contact your card issuer if a temporary authorisation isn’t removed.

If you receive multiple charges from different Apple entities

Charges are processed every $500 (US) or seven days, according to each legal Apple entity associated with where your ads appeared.

If, for example, you’re based in Australia but run a campaign in the US and UK, multiple charges will be itemised on your billing summary to account for every country and region where your ads appeared. Depending on where your ads run, you may see up to a total of five separate charges at one time, but they won’t exceed your $500 (US) threshold. Advertisers in Russia should receive invoices from Apple Distribution International Ltd. only.

Note that if you plan to run ads on the App Store in multiple countries and regions, you should notify your credit card company to ensure that there will not be any issues processing foreign transactions.